Micarta G11 Machining Parts

G11 glass cloth epoxy sample

G11 Glass-Cloth Reinforced Epoxy Sheets

Meets MIL-I-24768/11 Type GEB.

What Is G-11 Material?

G-11 High-Temperature Glass Cloth Epoxy is a thermosetting industrial fiberglass composite laminate consisting of a continuous filament glass cloth material impregnated with an epoxy resin binder; it is usually identifiable by its natural color, ranging from a yellow-green shade to an amber shade. G-11 possesses extremely high mechanical strength, high dimensional stability, and good dielectric loss properties, along with good electric strength properties, both wet and dry.

These properties are maintained not only at room temperature but also under humid or moist conditions. NEMA G-11 was the designation given to Glass Cloth Epoxy sheet composite by the National Electrical Manufacture Association (NEMA) to specify a consistent product between manufacturers.

This grade is similar to G-10/FR-4 but has a higher operating temperature and superior mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, making for better insulating properties.

The principal difference between NEMA Grades G-11 and FR-5 is that FR-5 is a fire retardant grade of G-11, as FR-4 is a fire retardant grade of G-10.

What Is Micarta G-11 Laminate?

Micarta is an early composite insulating plate that used Bakelite as a binding agent, trademarked in 1912 by Westinghouse. Micarta and its sheet materials then became the trade name associated with Westinghouse. Unless specified Micarta G-11 Type GEB, Micarta materials can be any of the several NEMA Industrial laminate grades.

G-11 is rated at 300 degree F continuous operating temperature, and has retention of 50% of mechanical properties at 300 degrees or 150 C. considering these characteristics; this material should be used in applications where temperatures in excess of 125 degrees C are encountered. As a thermoset, no melting will occur with this grade, however charring after extended periods above this temperature rating will be observed.

G-11 Rod is commonly turned, and ground from sheet stock. Special order Mil-Spec grade rolled and molded G-11 rod is available on a custom order basis.

Key Properties of G11 Machining Parts:

  • High dielectric strength
  • Radiation resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Low cold flow or creep
  • Chemically resistant
  • High flexural strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low dissipation factor
  • High impact strength
  • Cryogenic serviceability

Proven Applications for G11 Machining Parts:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Aerospace & Underwater conditions
  • Rocket cases
  • Antenna insulators
  • Test boards
  • End plates
  • Cryogenic insulation
  • Solder Frames
  • Test fixtures
  • Medical diagnostic
  • Circuit board holders
  • Terminal boards

G-11 Sheet, Rod, and Tube are kept in stock at Vanderveer Industrial Plastics.

With the characteristics found in G-11, machining to print can be done with ease, as Micarta® G-11 machining is an area in which Vanderveer Industrial Plastics excels.

Glass Base Data Sheet

Thermoset Data Sheet

NEMA Thickness Tolerances

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics utilizes ILNorplex materials, and as a result, they machine without difficulty. Several grades of G11 are available. For additional information on G11 plastic materials, contact your local Vanderveer Industrial Plastics representative or call Vanderveer Industrial Plastics at 714.579.7700.

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