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Machined Plastic Component Usage in the Oil & Gas Industry

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics recognizes that as the demand for energy grows around the world, so do the demands put on the equipment operating within the oil & gas industry. In recent years, the oil and gas industry has benefited from high-grade technological innovations and advancements in the process of oil-drilling and distribution, including the usage of high-performance polymers Various plastics, are being utilized for a wide array of oil and energy applications as they possess certain unique combinations of electrical, wear, chemical, and temperature resistance.


The role of plastic machined products in the oil and gas industry has become ever more visible as the reliability and added advantages over metals have become more apparent. High-grade machined plastic has numerous advantages when compared to metals including:

  • Durability & Strength – the oil and gas industry operate under harsh environmental conditions like high temperature and high pressure that calls for components that are able to withstand these severities. Plastic components serve this requirement, as well as their physical and chemical properties, are favorable.
  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistant – Unlike its metal counterpart, plastic neither corrodes nor wears out easily due to chemical reactions or pressure. Machined and fabricated plastic components eliminate the chances of corrosion, contamination and deterioration
  • High Load Bearing Capacity – As plastic is flexible, it has the endurance to bear the heavy load requirements dictated by the oil and gas industry

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Common Oil & Gas Components

High-grade machined plastic components with excellent physical and chemical properties are being increasingly used by offshore reserves as the same are helping greatly in various applications like exploration, delivery process and development. The following plastic components are a few of the widely used components that Vanderveer can machine for the Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Seals, Rings, and Gaskets
  • Bearings - being an integral part of this industry, and used within almost every stage, we fabricate this product daily onsite
  • Bushings
  • Brackets and Sleeves

Vanderveer offers plastic fabrication services that'll cut cost and time without sacrificing product quality.
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What are common plastics used within the Oil & Gas Industry?

Superior Plastic Part Quality 

Vanderveer Plastics understands that critical quality and reliability standards are required for high-performing plastic components in the Oil and Gas Industry. High quality is integrated in our fabrication process, which is backed by AS 9100D compliance and ISO 9001 certification. Call our knowledgable experts to discuss any additional quality standards needed for your particular application.

Applications For Machined Plastics In Oil & Gas

  • Lang Rigs
  • Submersible Rigs
  • Drill Ships
  • Pump Heads
  • Pressure Heads
  • Railing Systems

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