Efficient Automotive Plastic Machined Parts

At Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, we understand the unlimited potential of plastics align perfectly with the trends in the automotive industry: fuel efficiency, lightweight construction, emission reduction, design flexibility, and driver assistance systems.  As a AS 91000D certified company, our high-quality plastic machined automotive components meet the stringent demands, safety measures, and environmental guidelines of the automotive industry while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

Using our precise automotive plastic machining and fabrication process, we manufacture high-performance automotive parts for sustainable vehicles and research and development in the automotive industry. Because each plastic material has its own unique qualities, we will help you select the right plastic for each vehicle component. From simple to complex designs and parts, we can deliver rapid prototyping or high-volume production with quick turnaround times to reduce time to market for all your automotive needs.



High-performing plastics and plastic materials have revolutionized the performance, safety, construction, and functionality of sustainable vehicles. Plastics contribute to more energy efficiency, mainly due to weight reduction, along with corrosion resistance, design flexibility, and durability. Essentially, plastics provide enhanced safety and performance while lowering manufacturing costs.

  • Reduces Weight of Cars—Makes cars lighter while reducing fuel demands and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Excellent Machinability—Can be formed and molded into various shapes and sizes while keeping tolerances and not cracking or breaking. Also, moldable and formed plastics provide designers the ability to design more aerodynamic body panels.
  • Lightweight but Strong—Lightweight but offers structurally stable material solutions with excellent mechanical and impact strength.
  • Contribute to Car Safety—Plastics play a crucial role in car safety and can be found in bumpers, seat belts, airbags, child-restraint seats, and much more.
  • Lower Car Manufacturing Costs—Single-mold car part and components help decrease vehicle assembly time while allowing design innovations at lower costs than metals.
  • Help Advance Design of Vehicles—Plastics contribute to exciting innovations in the automotive industry, including key components in alternative-energy vehicles, including electric and hybrid.
  • More Ecofriendly Option—Not only do plastics contribute to lower fuel demands and greenhouse gas emissions, plastic vehicle parts are recyclable.




Plastics have led to significant improvements and advancements in car design and parts. They are now being used throughout vehicles to provide fuel savings, long product life, continued high performance, low maintenance, and added safety.

Common applications for plastics in the automotive industry include the following:

  • Bumpers
  • Battery Components
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Seat Belts
  • Seats
  • Instrument and Door Panels
  • Interior Lighting
  • Consoles
  • Tubes
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel System Components
  • Sensor Housing Components
  • Air Bag Housing and Brackets
  • Front End Modules

Vanderveer offers plastic fabrication services that'll cut cost and time without sacrificing product quality.
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Each plastic material has its own unique characteristics and properties. We can help you select the right plastic to support the needs of your vehicle parts and components.



Our plastic machined automotive parts help car manufacturers to develop cleaner, lighter, safer, and more fuel-efficient cars. Contact our knowledgeable experts to discuss for your unique automotive applications and R&D requirements.

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