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At Vanderveer Industrial Plastics we make sure to manufacture high-grade machined plastic components, which are utilized in multiple industries for a variety of applications. One of these industries being Aerospace and Aviation, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics stocks a wide variety of plastics, composites, and laminates to meet the demanding performance requirements of this field.

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Machined Plastic Component Usage in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry:

Machined engineering plastic has undoubtedly increased the performance, efficiency, and professionalism within the aerospace and aviation industry. The introduction and acceptance of plastic in the aerospace and aviation industry did not take place overnight. Now in the forefront of minds for a variety of reasons, plastics aim to facilitate the next generation of commercial, military, and space aircraft. One of these reasons being economical, as plastic is lighter in weight when compared to metals, therefore reducing the cost.  The usage of plastics within the design and construction has helped to streamline operations and ensure seamless applications.

We recognize that the aviation and aerospace industries require:

  • Strict adherence to specifications
  • Lot and batch traceability
  • Materials that stand up to extreme operating environments

Our AS 9100D and ITAR Registered facilities can meet the most stringent quality management documentation requirements.

The Advantages of Using Plastic Components in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry

  • Light-weight and durable, plastic is often utilized for construction applications within the industry.
  • Economical, as ease of plastic fabrication, is well known.
  • Durable, flexible and resistant by nature, means that plastic is dependable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Impact Resistant, meaning a longer lasting part when compared to metal counterparts.
  • Ease of assembly

Common Plastics Used in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry

What Applications utilize Plastic Components within the Aerospace and Aviation Industry?

  • Aircraft windows and canopies
  • Aircraft tray tables
  • Panel and Gears
  • Gear handle
  • Bearings and Seals
  • Module housings
  • Interior components
  • Wire wrap insulation

Vanderveer offers plastic fabrication services that'll cut cost and time without sacrificing product quality.
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Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is a supplier of plastic sheet, rod, and tube for aviation and aerospace machine shops and fabricators. Upon request, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics offers a complete lot and batch certifications documenting conformance to specifications.

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