Plastic CNC Cutting & Sawing Services

CNC Close Tolerance Plastic Cutting

The base for any project starts with CNC plastic cutting and CNC plastic sawing operations. Vanderveer Industrial Plastics provides these services for internal operations and as a service on its own to others. Our high speed CNC cutting operations include panel saws, table saws, and others.

Our efficient precision CNC saws are state-of-the-art, with large platform tables capable of handling stacks of full sheets of plastic, and cutting up to 10’ lengths. In addition, our waterjet can handle sheets as thick as 7”, 48” x 96”. Our equipment allows for extremely close-tolerance cutting to your exact specifications. Precision accuracy, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery are standard requirements for the continual improvement that Vanderveer Industrial Plastics strives for. Quick turnarounds can also be accommodated.

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