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Machined Plastic Component Usage in the Semiconductor Equipment and Electrical Component Industry

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics specializes in plastic machining and fabrication for the semiconductor equipment and electrical component industry. Our streamlined production processes are in-line with being an AS 9100D certified company. This certification guarantees our quality and furthermore ensures that all quality is in every machined plastic component that leaves our warehouse. Our equipment is used solely for plastics, in order to ensure cleanliness, eliminating the possibilities of contamination, corrosion, and deterioration, while ensuring peak component performance.

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Vanderveer Industrial Plastics recognizes that the materials used in semiconductor equipment and electrical components must often stand up to extreme environments, while also maintaining purity and reliability.

These extreme environments can include:

  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Vacuum conditions
  • High temperature
  • High pressure
  • Extreme wear

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics offers a full line of plastic materials suitable for the Semiconductor Equipment and Electrical Component Industry including:

The following components are widely used in the Semiconductor Equipment and Electrical Component Industry:

Retaining Rings Supports
Manifolds Filters
Clamp Rings Electrical/RF Insulators
Isolators Doors and Windows
Bushings Covers and Shields
Shrouds Wet Bench
Clamps Enclosures


We supply plastic sheet, rod, and tube for all types of demanding semiconductor and electrical components.

Vanderveer offers plastic fabrication services that'll cut cost and time without sacrificing product quality.
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