G10 & FR4 CNC Machining

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When it comes to G10 & FR4 CNC Machining, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is the leader and has been machining and fabricating the Micarta® composite laminate brand for over 60 years. The Westinghouse Micarta® name was superior to all others in the composite and laminate field just as Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is the premier machining and fabricating solution for the years ahead.

Within the Micarta® family of composites and laminates, currently owned by IL Norplex, G-10 glass cloth epoxy and FR4 epoxy glass are stellar performers. Our experience machining high-performance thermoplastics and high-pressure thermoset composites and laminates are unrivaled, and this is by far the most machined and fabricated grade of composites and laminates seen within the walls of Vanderveer Industrial Plastics.

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics machine shop utilizes CAD/CAM design from prototype to production, making certain we produce superior quality precision machined plastic parts. We maintain strict quality control systems certified to AS 9100D, which include certificates of compliance for all materials, to ensure only products of the highest standards are received. 

Our G10 & FR4 CNC Machining expertise is the result of decades of machining experience, a sales staff built with high integrity and knowledge, and on-staff engineering. Combined, these provide the environment for success in the complex world of G10 & FR4 CNC Machining.

Major applications of our G10 & FR4 CNC Machined Plastics include:

  • High Voltage Electrical Insulators
  • Low Moisture Applications
  • Terminal Boards

We stock it, you select it, and we fabricate it.

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