Additional CMM installed in QC Department.


Placentia, California June 28, 2013: Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is serious about quality control and it reflects in the values that we uphold.

“We rank Quality as our number one core value. We promise to deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. Since this facet of our business is ranked so highly, it is present in every aspect of our daily lives here at Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, from the sales desk to the shipping department and is of the utmost importance at every stage. Each of us at Vanderveer Industrial Plastics has a responsibility for the quality of whatever we do. From the excellence in materials and products backed with rigid Quality Control, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics provides Quality you can count on.”

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics has recently expanded its abilities within the Quality Control Department by adding a third Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

How this benefits our Quality Department

With each CMM we have added, we have gained additional:

  • High Precision and Accuracy
  • Accurate dimensions can be obtained just by knowing the coordinates and distance between two reference points.
  • Robustness against external force and error accumulation

Brief Background of the CMM

 A typical CMM is composed of three orthogonal axes, X, Y and Z operating in a three-dimensional coordinate system. Each axis has a scale system that indicates the position of that axis. The machine will read the input from the touch probe, as directed by the operator or computer program. The machine then utilizes the X, Y; Z coordinates of each of these discrete points to determine size and position with micrometer precision. The touch probe allows for the automatic generation of a measured point on the component surface while simultaneously and automatically recording the XYZ position in space of the point taken.

Not only is Vanderveer Industrial Plastics a premier source for high-performance thermoplastics and all fabrication and machining needs, but also a top facility when it comes to Quality Control. With our AS 9100D Certification, you can rest assured that the parts you order, are the parts you receive.

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