Thermosettting Plastics Selection Guide

Selection and Application Guide
NEMA GradeSpecificationBase MaterialResinMajor Application RequirementsTypical Use
X MIL-I-24768/12 Paper Phenolic High tensile & fluxural strength washers
XX MIL-I-247658/11 Paper Phenolic Excellent in both dry & high humidity conditions Relay & switch bases
XXX MIL-I-24768/10 Paper Phenolic High humidity resistance, good dimensional stability Panelboards
LE MIL-I-24768/13 Fine Weave Fabric Phenolic Good machining qualities, mechanical & electrical strength, moisture resistance Marine relay bases, terminal boards
LE MIL-I-24768/15 Fine Weave Fabric Phenolic High mechanical strength, good appearance, strength in punching Fine tooth gears
CE MIL-I-24768/14 Medium Weave Fabric Phenolic Low-voltage, low frequency electrical performance Marine switchboard panels
C MIL-I-24768/16 Medium Weave Fabric Phenolic Good mechanical properties with especially high impact strength gears, spacers
G-5 MIL-I-24768/8 Glass Cloth Melamine High mechanical strength & hardness, high arc & heat resistance Arc barriers, switchboard panels
G-9 MIL-I-24768/1 Glass Cloth Melamine High mechanical strength & hardness, high arc & heat resistance Marine switchboard panels
G-10 MIL-I-24768-2 Glass Cloth Epoxy Good machining qualities, high flexural, impact & bond strength at room temperature, good electrical properties under dry conditions electrical-mechanical applications, terminal boards
FR-4 MIL-I-24768/27 Glass Cloth Epoxy Self-extinguishing, good machining, & punching qualities, high flexural, impact & bond strength at room temperatures terminal boards
G-11 MIL-I-24768//3 Glass Cloth Epoxy Retention of high mechanical strength at room temperature up to 150 degrees C, self-extinguishing Rotor slot insulation
G-7 MIL-I-24768/17 Glass Cloth Silicone Excellent heat and arc resistance, good electrical properties under humid conditions heating appliance insulation
G-3 MIL-I-24768/18 Glass Cloth Phenolic Excellent mechanical and machining properties gaskets, seals
GPO-1 MIL-I-24768/4 Glass Material Polyester Good electrical properties and physical strength Barriers, wedges
GPO-2 MIL-I-24768/5 Glass Material Polyester Self-extinguishing, good electrical and mechanical grade Spacers, terminal boards
GPO-3 MIL-I-24768/6 Glass Material Polyester Self-extinuishing, good dielectric strength, arc and track resistance arc chutes, barriers


  Selection & Application Guide - Thermoset

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