Machining vs. Molding

Plastic Machining vs. Plastic Molding (Injection); What’s the Difference?

There is no simple, one-size-fits-all solution to creating an ideal custom part. Plastic fabrication is an industry with several avenues, all of which can lead to a finished part. Plastics machining offers many advantages, just as injection molding does. Vanderveer Industrial Plastics has been machining G10 for almost 65 years. You might say we have been “Fabrication Specialists since 1951.”

So how is it that you decide between which plastic fabrication technique is right for your application?

Plastic Fabrication Considerations:
  • What is the production quantity? 
    Tooling can be expensive if you choose the path of injection molding. You need to be more than certain that the tooling costs justify the costs of the machined part.
  • Are tolerances flexible? 
    Not all tolerances can be achieved with all materials. Simply stated, some materials just can’t hold certain tolerances. You will find more ease with product completion if you go the fabrication route.
  • Additionally, you should take into account the complexity of the geometry, surface finish requirements, and the potential stress on the material.
Advantages of Plastic Fabrication:
  • Design flexibility
  • Smaller runs & cost efficiency
  • Closer tolerances
  • Low component stress
  • Fast turnaround
  • Little to no tooling cost
  • Threads and undercuts are achieved with ease
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