Vanderveer Industrial Plastics Launches New Website

The new represents a comprehensive website redesign to better highlight the High-Quality, High-Performance, Close Tolerance work Vanderveer Industrial Plastics delivers and to simultaneously bring you the latest news from our company.

To achieve this transition, we sought to better understand how the visitors, who use our site, including our customers, want to receive and view information. The findings are reflected in our new 40 page website, a significant and drastic improvement over the old 14 page website that Vanderveer Industrial Plastics started with.

First and foremost, we are proud to say that this website is fully optimized for mobile viewing. Whether you are browsing on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, you will have an uninterrupted Web experience.

One of the first things you might notice is the incorporation of Social Media on this site. Vanderveer Industrial Plastics will be leveraging the use of Social Media to bring you updates via LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Furthermore, our Products and Services tabs have been separated and reclassified. You can now find out about the materials we carry, along with their extensive physical properties by clicking on the Material Selection tab. If it’s fabricated parts you desire, you can browse through our Photo Gallery, featuring and explaining some of the more technologically complex parts that have been fabricated within our walls.

Lastly, you’re reading this News Release on another integral feature of the site: “Latest News.” Be sure to watch this page for news about our products and services, information on the changes in the world of plastics, as well as events and shows that Vanderveer Industrial Plastics will partake in.

As you continue to browse through the new site, take notice of the “Contact Us”, “Request a Quote”, and other features that have been added.

We hope you find this new site both useful and informative.

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