Big Differences Between Plastic Suppliers

Plastic can be purchased from a number of suppliers, and in some cases there are significant differences between these suppliers. One of the main differences can lie with the manufacturer that the supplier directly works with, and the quality of the materials produced.

At Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, we have seen a wide range of materials, from drastically inferior grades of materials being rejected upon receipt, to the superior materials we keep in stock.  Some materials have been produced too quickly, or cooled too quickly, which can ultimately result in a high stressed plastic piece. These high stressed materials are susceptible to warp, cracks, and twisting when are heated, or cut.

Things you should consider when choosing a quality plastic supplier:

  1. Material Quality
  2. Material Origin
  3. In Stock Materials
  4. Cutting & Converting Services
  5. Longevity – How Long Have They Been In Business? (We started in 1951)
Product Knowledge and Experience Equals Quality Plastic Suppliers

A plastic sheet supplier should advise you if the material you are seeking suits the finished product.  Acrylic does not do well at 450 degrees. Styrene does not make a good chemical tank. HDPE and PTFE do not bond.  We possess the intrinsic knowledge to see your application through to completion, and we value the opportunity to assist with each and every project our customers bring to us.

From properties of Acetal, to temperature ranges on Ultem, we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with any questions, concerns or requests at 714-579-7700, or at

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