G10 and FR4 CNC Machining Services

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Leading Fabricator of Micarta Composite Laminate Parts

When it comes to G10/FR4 CNC Machining, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics has been machining the Micarta® composite laminate brand for over 60 years. Just as the Westinghouse Micarta® name is superior to all others in the composite and laminate field, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is the premier machining specialist for G10/FR4 parts.

What is G10/FR4 Machining Material?

G10 machining materials are made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper, canvas, linen, or glass cloth impregnated with synthetic thermosetting resins. Are known for low moisture absorption, abrasive texture, and excellent electrical insulating properties. G10 and FR4 are stellar performers, even at high temperatures.

Of the two grades that NEMA has assigned to this category, FR4 is flame retardant while G10 is not flame retardant.

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G10/FR4 CNC Machined Plastic Applications

  • High Voltage Electrical Insulators
  • Low Moisture Applications
  • Terminal Boards
  • Arc Barriers

Decades Of Machining Expertise

Of the laminates and composites machined within the walls of Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, G10/FR4 is by far the most machined and fabricated grade. Sales staff built with high integrity, decades of knowledge, and on-staff engineering provide the environment for successful machining of the notoriously complex G10/FR4 CNC Machining.

Our machine shop utilizes CAD/CAM design from prototype to production, making certain we produce superior quality precision machined plastic parts. We maintain strict quality control systems certified to AS 9100D and ITAR Certification, which include certificates of compliance for all materials, to ensure only products of the highest standards are received. 

Machining Capabilities

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics is a contract manufacturer and possesses custom plastic machining & fabrication capabilities and services that minimize development time and costs without sacrificing product quality and performance.

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics specializes in

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