Supplier Quality Clauses

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1. Quality System

The supplier must have a documented quality system compliant to ISO 9001:2015 or AS 91OODz2016 or in the case of Calibration Laboratory must be accredited to ISO 17025:2005. When the Supplier’s quality system does not meet this requirement, the supplier must notify Vanderveer Industrial Plastics and provide evidence of the quality system that is employed during the duration of the purchase order. Suppliers must notify Vanderveer Industrial Plastics in writing if the supplier’s quality system has changed since the supplier became an approved Vanderveer Industrial Plastics supplier.

2. Key Characteristics

When key characteristics are identified on the purchase order or supporting documents, the supplier shall implement process controls as required, or if not specified, as appropriate to insure that the key characteristic is satisfied.

3. Record Retention

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics documentation and quality records generated by the supplier must be maintained per a written procedure and be retained for a minimum of ten (10) years or more per the contract and must be retrievable within 24 hours upon request by Vanderveer Industrial Plastics. Quality records include receiving inspection of material used on Vanderveer Industrial Plastics‘ product, in-process inspection/test results and final inspection/test results, sub-tier supplier qualifications, and purchase order reviews.

4. Supplier Management

The supplier must have a sub-tier qualification program that includes qualification criteria, capability matrix, performance records, and re-evaluation/re-audit of sub-tier suppliers. Supplier must use Vanderveer Industrial Plastics-designated suppliers if requested.

5. Requirements Flow Down

The supplier shall insure that requirements be flowed down to sub-tier suppliers, including key characteristics, materials selection, first article inspection, and process control where required.

6. Organization Changes

The supplier shall notify Vanderveer Industrial Plastics when operations being performed in support of Vanderveer Industrial Plastics purchase orders are moved to another facility with a separate street and/ or city address. Supplier shall also notify Vanderveer Industrial Plastics if ownership of the supplier has changed.

7. Right of Entry

Representatives of Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, its customers, Government, and/or regulatory agencies (ifapplicable) reserve the right to visit the supplier and its suppliers with the intent of resolving delivery and quality issues, etc.

8. Traceability and Counterfeit Parts

The supplier must have a traceability and counterfeit parts avoidance program at the component and/or process level all materials, components, solvents, chemicals compounds used to manufacture, paint, or plate. A certificate of Conformance must accompany the product upon shipping.

9. Material and Special Process Certificates

The supplier shall furnish a material or special process certification in addition to the certificate of conformance as required by the general requirements. The certification shall specify the applicable material or special process specification(s) (chemical analysis, plating, heat treat, passivation, etc.), type, class, etc. as specified on the Vanderveer Industrial Plastics purchase order or industry specification, plus as applicable, documentation noting actual measurements verifying conformance to

10. Nonconforming Parts

Items not in conformance with the requirements of the purchase order, specifications, and industry standards referenced therein, or that cannot be corrected through the continuation of the original manufacturing process or by rework, shall not be submitted without prior written approval. In the event the determines that material previously delivered to Vanderveer Industrial Plastics was defective, written notification is required within thirty (30) calendar days.

11. ITAR

Supplier shall adhere to the ITAR compliance requirements for performing work or service involving ITAR compliance. Documents identified as ITAR controlled shall be viewed only by a U.S. Person. A U.S. Person means any entity that is: U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident, or a U.S. organization incorporated to do business in the United States.

12. Disclosure of Conflict Minerals

Per the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, any supplier that comes under or purchases from a company that comes under the SEC commission must declare any use of minerals (i.e. tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten, (derivatives of colunbite-tantalite, cassiterite and wolframite) that originated from the DRC (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) or any adjoining countries: Angola, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Zambia. Certificates of Conformance must accompany the product upon shipping to FCC showing material traceability statement: “No Use of Conflict Minerals". For more information on the requirements for this quality clause go to EICC website at

13. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention—Per NAS412

The supplier is responsible to provide a product that is manufactured in an environment that is free of foreign objects. The seller’s quality program shall utilize effective FOD prevention practices proportional to the sensitivity of the design of the product(s) to FOD. The seller’s program shall include FOD preventive practices in packaging. There shall be no foreign objects received in packaging and packaging containers. Foreign objects can include staples used for closure of unit packaging, foam peanuts used for cushioning, and Styrofoam (which can break down the particles cling to parts) used for cushioning. In general, no packaging material shall be used that will leave any residue from the packaging material on the parts as a result of packaging or unpacking the product.

14. Ensuring that persons are aware of:

  • Their contribution to product or service conformity;
  • Their contribution to product safety;
  • The importance of ethical behavior.


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