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Subsea Plastic Components

The Subsea Industry is a harsh underwater environment that requires sturdy, reliable and efficient equipment. As a machine shop with more than 60 years of experience, Vanderveer Industrial Plastics machines plastics components for the offshore industry and its supporting industries including, but not limited to oil platforms, ROV, contractors and maintenance facilities. We offer a unique combination of CNC plastic machining, raw material distribution, coupled with a reliable source of engineering data.

Subsea Machining   Subsea Plastic Parts Machining 

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics understands what Engineers are up against when it comes to temperature, pressure, corrosion, and the ecological challenges involved with designing equipment for deep sea applications. We stock an extensive variety of high-performance plastic materials, paired with the exact machining techniques required; it’s what separates Vanderveer Industrial Plastics from the conventional machine shop. Maintaining close ties with the industry's leading plastics manufacturers enhances our ability to offer technical help with material sizing and selection.

Machined Plastic Component Usage in the Subsea Industry

The utilization of subsea instrumentation, autonomous underwater vehicles, processing systems, and control systems becomes more difficult as depths are extended. Substantial progress has been made in formulating high performance bonding, sealing, filling, and encapsulation of polymer compounds to meet the evolving specifications of manufacturers, who in turn need to meet strict subsea requirements. Epoxy systems protect and adhere well to submerged surfaces such as steel, aluminum, rubbers, fiberglass, ceramics and composites. Cutting edge technological advances offer sustainable eco-friendly solutions to improve operational efficiency, no matter which industry you are in.

Advantages of Plastic Components within Subsea Environments:

  • Low Cost
  • Material is readily available
  • Dielectric Material (No Dissimilar Metal Concerns)
  • Light Weight

Common Subsea applications include:

  • Buoyancy Modules
  • Deepwater Production
  • Drilling Risers
  • Subsea protection structures (valves and wellheads)

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics offers a full line of plastic materials suitable for the Subsea Industry including:

As an added benefit, polymer composite materials are used to strengthen and/or repair steel structures, piping, vessels and tanks as an alternative to replacement. Substantial cost savings are evident as the technology involved enables a significant reduction, and in some cases even elimination of platform shutdown.

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