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Rulon® Machined Parts

Rulon® machined part example

Rulon® is the Saint Gobain Performance Plastics trade name for a family of reinforced proprietary PTFE compounds.

Rulon® is known for possessing a low coefficient of friction, having excellent abrasion resistance, a wide range of operating temperatures, and chemical inertness.

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics stocks Rulon® tubes, sheets, and rods available for custom fabrication. Vanderveer specializes in industrial plastic CNC machining.

Rulon® Machining Profile:

Key Properties:

  • Self-lubricating design
  • Low friction
  • Temperature and chemical resistance
  • Flexible material design.
  • Low-weight/high-strength ratio
  • Dimensional stability in liquids
  • Machinability

Proven Applications:

  • Seals
  • Mechanical
  • Bearings
  • Electrical
  • Chemical

The .pdfs below compare the typical properties of Rulon® J, Rulon® 641, Rulon® AR, and Rulon® LR. The .pdfs also examine their recommended operating limits (loads, temperature, PV rating, and more).

  Rulon Data Sheet

Several grades of Rulon® are available. For additional information on Rulon® plastic materials, contact your local Vanderveer Industrial Plastics representative or call Vanderveer Industrial Plastics at 714.579.7700.

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