Custom Plastic CNC Milling

CNC Plastic Composite Milling

The creation of complex shapes from materials such as high-performance thermoplastics and thermoset composites and laminates is an everyday success at Vanderveer Industrial Plastics. Operations are performed on cutting edge vertical CNC machining centers, offering precision, accuracy, and repeatability for all plastic components, and with our CNC plastic milling specialists' knowledge, experience, and dedication, producing the highest quality milled components is what we do.

Thermoplastic Milling Services

CNC (computerized numerical control) is a cutting process whereby material on a block is milled by a computer-controlled tool which moves and rotates. CNC plastic milling is a common milling process which creates precise components quickly and accurately. We utilize a variety of cutting tools which enable specified part shapes. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes Fadal and HAAS Machining Centers, up to 120" in length and 60" in width.

Secondary operations such as personalized ink stamping, assembly, and bonding are also available. Surface finishes can be post production polished for demanding applications.

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