Machining Linen Plastic

machined Phenolic Linen samples

Vanderveer Plastics offers Linen machining phenolic in either grade L or LE. Linen is part of the Fine Weave Cotton Phenolic family.

Phenolics are the oldest and best-known of the general purpose thermoset resins. Not only are they the most cost effective, they also boast ease of machinability.These phenolic sheets are easy to machine and operate with less noise than metal in numerous gear and bearing-type applications. In addition, they do not spark when struck, so they can be used in explosion-proof environments. These structural and electrical insulation materials are also less abrasive than fiberglass options in wear applications.

Phenolics are not equivalent to epoxies when it comes to resistance of moisture, humidity, dimensional stability, shrinkage, and retention of electrical properties in extreme environments.

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics utilizes ILNorplex materials, and as a result, they machine without difficulty. Several grades of Linen are available. For additional information on Linen plastic materials, contact your local Vanderveer Industrial Plastics representative or call Vanderveer Industrial Plastics at 714.579.7700.

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